Weekly Mashup Special Edition: Infographics We Love!

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Weekly Mashup Special Edition: Infographics We Love!


YMAP is launching The Weekly Mashup: Special Edition series in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month! Each Friday for the month of May, we’ll be highlighting our favorite resources, campaigns and organizations that are a part of the movement to make mental health a priority! News lovers, don’t worry, you can visit our Facebook page for top stories about children’s mental health, until our regular Weekly MashUp returns in June.

Infographics We Love!
At Young Minds Advocacy Project, we believe data can be an incredible tool to elicit action by the public and decision makers, on important issues. But we also know that data must be presented in easy-to-read and engaging ways in order to do so. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best (and most user friendly) infographics to help readers like you inform and educate your network about making mental health a priority!

Speak Up For Kids: Children’s Mental Health Report

The Child Mind Institute has created an interactive infographic report that allows users to navigate complex data and statistics in a way that provides potent contextualization and powerful conclusions around childhood mental illness. Why? Because mental health disorders in children are “a public health crisis that must be addressed.”  Their report covers:

  1. The commonness of childhood mental illness
  2. The gap between illness and care
  3. The cost to society of ignoring children’s mental health
  4. The effectiveness of treatment


Are the Kids Alright? Young People and Mental Health

Did you know that about half of mental illnesses begin to reveal themselves in childhood? This infographic, created by Top Counseling Schools, is an effective and shareable tool in spreading education and awareness. The facts are clear: mental health services for young people are needed now more than ever!



NAMI: Mental Health By the Numbers


The National Alliance on Mental Illness has created downloadable infographics to help stakeholders like you identify the most pertinent data when it comes to youth mental health. Use these infographics to educate your family, your classmates or students, and your community in order to push for better treatments, interventions and policies around youth mental health!



What infographics do YOU love? Share them with us in the comments below!



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